Samurai Champloo

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fuu, mugen and jin

fuu, mugen and jin

Last nite, I’ve finished watching the Samurai Champloo….wa..waa! No more anime to watch! Hafta download new one! huhu…

The anime was out in 2004, another brilliant work of Shinichiro Watanabe (the man behind the world renown Cowboy Bebop). couldn’t believe the traditional story set can actually be mixed up with modern music element- the hip hop musics and graffiti until they watch this anime. Unbelievable, tho…that he can successfully make the cross-over of the Edo-period and hip-hop culture as if hip hop thingy really exist in those era. hehe…

Even the main character, the hippie samurai, Mugen got unconventional fighting style, which I suppose similar to capoeira.  I love the cool character..the traditional,mysterious looking samurai with wisdom, Jin. He does not do much of talking yet I like the way he is.  And another main character, Fuu…I admire her strong will to find the Samurai who smell like Sunflower with just a little clue (no clue at all when they start the journey)… The ending of it, however when all of them seperated to follow their own road, does not potray what they have learnt and gained throughout their long journey, that they actually depends on each other to survive. I couldn’t imagine what will happen along their journey alone without their comrade’s support.


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