Ramen hampir Pupus!!!

March 28, 2009 at 6:31 pm 1 comment

27 March 2009 Sangat teringin makan ramen. Mana ya? Food Junction Midvalley? Hachiban Ramen OU? Or just Station Kopitiam (very lousy ramen).

decision: Hachiban Ramen lah…I miss Paitan Tantan Ramen

8.15pm – sampai OU.cari parking 8.40pm – dah nampak Kluang Station. Tapi mana Hachiban Ramen???? Ajaib…Hachiban Ramen dah hilang.warkh….rasa mcm nak throw tantrum kat ctu. Mana nak cari Paitan Tantan ramen lagi ni…!!! Frustnya… My favourite Hachiban Ramen dah kna diganti dgn Lameeya! Frust…disappointed…upset…n all the words related.dunno how to describe…huhu

the late Hachiban Ramen

the late Hachiban Ramen

8.45 – gi TGV beli tiket…The International. (Ouh…sgt xbes…jalan cita pon sgt typical.awal2 jek ok…last2 dah slow)

9.00 – naik food court Jusco. carik Station Kopitiam nyer Ramen je la..xbes pon x bes la.can’t find any other ramen dah.

9.15 – Mana menu ramen kat Station Kopitiam???

Tanya the guy kat counter Station Kopitiam…jawapannya :

“Kita sudah tukar menu baru…itu ramen sudah tadaa.Try la ini menu baru kita…”

Warkh…lagi skali sgt frust!huhu…napa ramen ni macam dah nak pupus… My last hope will be Food Junction Midvalley.Harap2 kdai tu pon xtutup.uhuk2…

Last2…makan Kimchi Jjigae + Dolsot Bulgogi kat Kimchi Yori ja.huhu..never had thing for Korean dishes.I dont eat vege and hot dishes much. but i found out this Dolsot Bulgogi is ok… minced beef in teriyaki sauce (correct me if I’m wrong).

Kimchi Yori's Jigjae

Kimchi Yori's Dolsot Bulgogi

Anyway…havin the delicious meal does not cheer me up over the disappointment of the extinction of ramen. Guys… if you know any great ramen shop(the halal one), please plz and plz tell me…


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  • 1. malsz  |  May 19, 2009 at 5:20 am

    des a lots of ramen shop at sunway pyramid…sum halal n sum not…hav to open up ur eyes big2..takot slh kdi plk nnt…wink!~


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