‘Talentime’ in my point of view

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I juz watch the hottest local movie in town! haha..i know it’s late. been busy lately to get myself some hours to spend at cinema.it’s great having the time of my life…a lil shopping,the gr8 food and movie time..! I’ve been eager to watch Talentime as numbers of my frens urged me to, by tellin me how great it is. Ok…i gave it a try then, as it sounds so great. I hope it will not disappoint me as other Yasmin’s movie. Ok…story goes great at first…a lot of laughter in the cinema. yeah.i enjoy it.but it goes slower and slower despite should have reach the climacs. Anyway, it really touch some hearts in the cinema when Hafiz’s mum died in the hospital and when Mahesh being beaten by her mum. However…I really really am not agreed with how the movie portrayed the cultural/economy differences between races in Malaysia. Some said it is the honest emotion of Yasmin Ahmad, but should she raise different lifestyle among races issue, which hardly exist in our current community?

– the Indians are still the that low class, conservative community, still fighting among each other over dissatisfaction

– the Malays are that open-minded, thinking her daughter sleeping at home alone with her BF is acceptable and considered sweet

– the Chinese should always put achievement in school as the 1st priority, and will do anything to be the best achiever, even the mean things

melur & mahesh

melur & mahesh

I know she always put the relationship and racial conflict as her priority in every of her film, but I really am dissappointed as I thought this film is different from others. Hmm…but it’s ok…she already told it in her blog, that this film is not somethin new.

Well…in my point of view about the current scene of mixed culture in Malaysia, the racial gap among races are about to fade (except the Malay family’s lifestyle, which can hardly exist). More Indian are being elitist and business person,  hard to write this, but there are numbers of Chinese drop-out despite many being success in business and the Malay are not that open minded, putting the religion in the first place (I wonder how the mum of the Malay family seems to be good Islamic practise but can easily accept her daughter’s behaviour of being alone at home with a guy).

To cut it short, Malaysian nowadays regardless of race are living in harmony and equal economic condition. Anyway…honestly, I really enjoy the soundtracks. Great choice of music!


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Senikini – kini terwujud The Forgotten Pillar

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  • 1. Nazim Masnawi  |  April 17, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    Yasmin’s idealistic approach on storytelling really burns me out. I, for one, really had a hard time relating with the characters in her movies (Talentime included). Take Hafiz for example (the Malay dude with a mother for a cancer), he’s oh-so-perfect portrayal really made wanna throw stuff on screen. I don’t geddit, lots of Yasmin’s fans said that her films are deep and honest. Seriously, a real deep and honest films would make an observation about what makes us great and what makes us fuck ups, not with a two dimension thinking like this.

    But I do disagree with you about those multi-racial families in Talentime though. I don’t think each of ’em representing their own race, it’s just a matter-of-factly.


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