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May 7, 2009 at 8:03 pm 2 comments

first issue of reka

first issue of reka


more government bodies are now keen on publishing their own magazine brand.

reka , the first issue of Majlis Rekabentuk Malaysia is now out. havin set my eyes on it at the Nile Bookstore, Kl Central i decided to get myself a copy. the price is affordable, tho (RM4.90). when i browse over the magazine…i just realize something.

I’ve wasted myself rm4.90 for a copy of crap! @*#$**(%R#$

I bought the magazine with a hope i will get something informative about art & design in Malaysia, to widen my knowledge and to boost my idea in this industry. It definitely did not meet my expectation at all. The content was all about a compilation of crap interviews with a number of designers,entrepreneur and trader ( more on furniture design, tho they did not tell this issue focus more on furniture thingy).

Their works, their life and their dreams.  crap.

They better publish interviews/biographies compilation instead of a magazine. May be they need to do research to understand what is the thing called magazine, what makes a magazine a magazine before thinking of publishing one. anyway, is that all ‘rekabentuk’ means? furniture designing?they did not tell that the issue  somebody please answer me. I went thru MRM’s website but they seems to be underneverendingrenovation.

Gosh..pleaaseee… impart the reader with informations, news, ideas, etc. I would be pleased to trade RM49 instead of RM4.90 for great information if that’s all it takes to give the best information. Yes…it is forgiven if the interviews include the designer’s study & research sequences. but I much to my despair…this issue failed to fulfill my thirst for local design info.


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  • 1. basuhbaju  |  May 11, 2009 at 12:37 pm

    U know, as architecture student, I too find myself in deep trouble in searching a genuine art information..

  • 2. ryanryzal  |  May 14, 2009 at 11:11 am

    i dont know bout this…but one thing..reka nie memang lebih kepade interview…i read the 1st edition..n memang bosan ckit la..

    if die bley tukar reka nie lebih untuk menunjukkan art n design…i think reka nie mesti lebih dapat sambutan…

    cuz rite now…susah nak cari art n design yg kte inginkan di malaysia…


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