Senikini – kini terwujud

The First Issue of Senikini

The First Issue of Senikini

The first issue of Senikini is now out!

For those waiting for this issue since the release of launching issue, it can be obtained at BSLN. Err..there’s pdf version anyway, if you dont feel like visiting the gallery.

Here they are:

Senikini – launching issue (Nov-Dec 2008)

Senikini – 1st issue

Well…it’s a good step for our National Art Gallery to produce a magazine to gather information of our local visual art scene. However i still think Kakiseni is the pundit of our local art scene, be it visual art or music scene. Kakiseni has vowed to take the responsibility to be the superhero of our local art scene long before the real hero open their eyes to see why they should be the hero. The new hero is warming up, i think….finally.


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Music Showcase – UM

the music showcase 2009

the music showcase 2009

Its been long since I haven’t feast my ears at music shows..the last I’ve attended was the Miller’s Orchestra at Genting Highland in November 2008. Yeah…about 5 month..hehe. Pretty strange. I grew up listening to the loud brass band and orchestra  almost every day back at my alma mater Sultanah Asma School hostel. I miss those years. Since there’s one nearby, I decided to join in.

the Glenn Miller Orchestra

the Glenn Miller Orchestra

the Sultanah Asma School Band

the Sultanah Asma School Band

Apparently, the show is conducted by the Performance Art students of Universiti Malaya. Most of the performers are the final students, if I’m not mistaken. Overall performance are ok.mostly average…but there’s some really impressing…the Soprano girl, Doris who sang Mein Herr Marquis (Herr Marquis means Laughing Song by Johann Strauss Jr., composed for the Opera Die Fledermaus in 1874). The performance made the  grand evening. Here’s the video I’d taken during her performance :

menn herr marquis

The other impressing perfoermances are from Tan Kwee Chin with Rhapsody Op.11 No.3 C Major ( of the great female pianist Dohnanyi)  and the Tak Lempong, the humble yet amazing Minangkabau traditional music. The conductor himself has done great job conducting the team. And the last performance was from Dr Nasir’s music technology line up. Ouh…I fell in love with the arrangement of  ‘Ku Impikan Bintang’ they’ve played. It’s my fav Sean Ghazi’s song and they played it well.haha…I wish they played Shahnon Shah’s too.  The last song came with the singer…the chief of the Cultural Centre. And it was also my fav. song…sung by Utada Hikaru, Fly Me to the Moon. What a great nite!

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Ramen hampir Pupus!!!

27 March 2009 Sangat teringin makan ramen. Mana ya? Food Junction Midvalley? Hachiban Ramen OU? Or just Station Kopitiam (very lousy ramen).

decision: Hachiban Ramen lah…I miss Paitan Tantan Ramen

8.15pm – sampai OU.cari parking 8.40pm – dah nampak Kluang Station. Tapi mana Hachiban Ramen???? Ajaib…Hachiban Ramen dah hilang.warkh….rasa mcm nak throw tantrum kat ctu. Mana nak cari Paitan Tantan ramen lagi ni…!!! Frustnya… My favourite Hachiban Ramen dah kna diganti dgn Lameeya! Frust…disappointed…upset…n all the words related.dunno how to describe…huhu

the late Hachiban Ramen

the late Hachiban Ramen

8.45 – gi TGV beli tiket…The International. (Ouh…sgt xbes…jalan cita pon sgt typical.awal2 jek ok…last2 dah slow)

9.00 – naik food court Jusco. carik Station Kopitiam nyer Ramen je la..xbes pon x bes la.can’t find any other ramen dah.

9.15 – Mana menu ramen kat Station Kopitiam???

Tanya the guy kat counter Station Kopitiam…jawapannya :

“Kita sudah tukar menu baru…itu ramen sudah tadaa.Try la ini menu baru kita…”

Warkh…lagi skali sgt frust!huhu…napa ramen ni macam dah nak pupus… My last hope will be Food Junction Midvalley.Harap2 kdai tu pon xtutup.uhuk2…

Last2…makan Kimchi Jjigae + Dolsot Bulgogi kat Kimchi Yori ja.huhu..never had thing for Korean dishes.I dont eat vege and hot dishes much. but i found out this Dolsot Bulgogi is ok… minced beef in teriyaki sauce (correct me if I’m wrong).

Kimchi Yori's Jigjae

Kimchi Yori's Dolsot Bulgogi

Anyway…havin the delicious meal does not cheer me up over the disappointment of the extinction of ramen. Guys… if you know any great ramen shop(the halal one), please plz and plz tell me…

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Clay-zee Syndrome

Recently I’m crazy about clays! Haha…havin found a clay store, I’ve bought myself  a red,green,black and white clay and get busy makin miniatures that i wish to put in my terrariums.

my 1st clay creations

my 1st clay creations

they are dancing on my keyboard! the snowman got runny nose

they are dancing on my keyboard! the snowman got runny nose

The clay thing really intrigued me. I need to find the polymer clay! Polymer clay – the clay used to imitate wood, gems, metal, and hundreds of things. After getting to know the wonder of  clays, then only i got the idea of why the accessories designers are mushrooming lately. There’s a lot of the ethnic jeweleries along Masjid Jamek, The Curve’s flea market,  Amcorp Mall’s flea market,etc.. Now I know how they make it.Yeah…the ethnic accessories are made of the polymer clay! there’s no such thing as semi-precious gems/stone. hahaha.

To know what else can polymer clay do, click this link:

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Samurai Champloo

fuu, mugen and jin

fuu, mugen and jin

Last nite, I’ve finished watching the Samurai Champloo….wa..waa! No more anime to watch! Hafta download new one! huhu…

The anime was out in 2004, another brilliant work of Shinichiro Watanabe (the man behind the world renown Cowboy Bebop). couldn’t believe the traditional story set can actually be mixed up with modern music element- the hip hop musics and graffiti until they watch this anime. Unbelievable, tho…that he can successfully make the cross-over of the Edo-period and hip-hop culture as if hip hop thingy really exist in those era. hehe…

Even the main character, the hippie samurai, Mugen got unconventional fighting style, which I suppose similar to capoeira.  I love the cool character..the traditional,mysterious looking samurai with wisdom, Jin. He does not do much of talking yet I like the way he is.  And another main character, Fuu…I admire her strong will to find the Samurai who smell like Sunflower with just a little clue (no clue at all when they start the journey)… The ending of it, however when all of them seperated to follow their own road, does not potray what they have learnt and gained throughout their long journey, that they actually depends on each other to survive. I couldn’t imagine what will happen along their journey alone without their comrade’s support.

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The Loke Mansion

the restored loke mansionSome years ago…back in 2005 it was the first time I took a walk around Medan Tunku. May be I have been there before, I couldn’t recall…but it was the first time my eyes caught a diamond in a mud. It was an abandoned building at a pretty dirty parking area. It really caught my attention that I decided to stay for a nite at the nearby hotel just to have a look at the building from the upper view. The ruined building was amazing…and my brain keep questioning..why should such beautiful building being abandoned and what building is it in the past? With the beautifully designed architecture (tho’ already half-ruined up), I’m sure it’s not just another old building on the block. It must be holding some history and glory in the past. It was such a waste that the place had just become a parking area. May be it was not historical enough that the government has not gazette it as a historical building. So many question comes up in my mind on that time. How I wish I am wealthy enough to buy the place from the fierce parking guy, before anyone got the idea to demolish it to build a brand new building. It was my dream to restore it back to it’s original feature and may a cafe in it. It will sure draw many customers as it is quite a ‘hot’, yet not crowded area. And the area has become my favorite hang up whenever I come to KL(I like to peek around the building). Well, its entertaining, tho…to see some ‘mak nyah pakai bunga di rambut’ lepak2 around the area.hehe…

In 2007, it comes to my surprise that I began to see the new gate has been build up around the area. Thats it..I thought..the government has seen the jewel and begin to restore it. I was soo….dissappointed that i haven’t taken any photo of my dear favourite ruined-up building before the construction begin(my cam has broke during those years and well, as a student, never had enuf to buy new one). Then when they put a signage at the gate…I was surprised once again…it’s not restored by the government! the sign written Cheang & Ariff on it. wow…it’s a take over by a law firm! how lucky they are. After the restoration work, however, the gate make it impossible for me to have a peek in it…therefore I seldomly being there anymore.

It’s only in last February that I knew what’s the name of the building. It’s Loke Mansion, as I read about it in The Edge haven. It was a sigh of relief to see the how perfect they restored the interior. Well. I don’t know about the articles in The Star as I don’t readnewspaper much these days. It’s only after I knew the name of the building that I began searching about the info of the building in the internet. Thanks Dato’ Loh…u’ve made my dream to see the building back to glory come true!

-The Avid Fan of Old Building

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Canadian pizza

Dinner for tonite : Canadian pizza

It’s my first time ordering the Canadian Pizza.’s usually Domino’s or Pizza Hut.So y not try somethin else for tonite’s dinner?

canadian pizza

canadian pizza

My choice for tonite: Pan Crust Canadian Classic & Thin Crust Italian Classic, both with extra cheese topping


the canadian classic

The service: good (the promised time is within 45 mins, but it arrive less than 30mins at my door)

The crust: the pan-crust dough is’s still fluffy even when gettin cold. the thin-crust is so-so…crunchy..yeah…

The pizza: the Canadian Classic is great…there’s many ingredients you can enjoy there. the Italian Classic however did not meet my expectation.

The topping : Oh…I’m not satisfied with the topping at all! It’s not worth adding RM3 extra each for the stingy cheese. I wonder how will it be if I didn’t ordered extra cheese. It might doesn’t seem like pizza at all

The price : well, I would say it’s the best bargain u can get these days,I think…RM29.90 for 2 pizza.. however, it would be better if they can give a lil’ extra offer…the soup! Huhu..for me, the pizza is incomplete without the side dish.So hafta made the soup myself to go with the pizza

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