The Ramen Girl

Look what I’ve stumbled upon when searchin for some movies to download….:

the ramen girl

the ramen girl

It surprise me tho, never have heard bout this before. After searchin for some info bout this movie, I found out it was released long ago in 2007, stared by Brittany Murphy. It’s actually a remake of an old school movie, Tampopo, and one of the line up in the old Tampopo is stared in the brand-new The Ramen Girl. Well, haven’t watch it yet…so I can’t give any comment on how successful the remake is… Pray the download will not take much time (+_+)

Duhh…I’m already drooling for ramen…!!!!

Here’s the trailer of the movie :


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Ilham Sanctuary strikes back

Tada…! Its my second blog,in which the first one is that was my not-so-updated with this new one, I hope to work more on blogging,to keep it always updated. thats a promise I made to me if I’m not.

Wonder why the name is Ilham Sanctuary?hehe…it actually derived from my name, Ilhami. Since I decided to share my inspiration throughout the world with my little blogging sanctuary,so I named it Ilham Sanctuary.

Anyway…thanks for reading.have a nice day.I’m searchin for sumthin nice to write,not to waste the given space in this blogging world again. Cheers! (^_^)

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